The Case of the Creeping Couldbees



Things creep-up on us. Ever notice that? You go to someone else’s house and see clutter and piles of books and magazines and think, “wow… doesn’t it make them claustrophobic to live with all that junk around them?” Then you go in your home and stand back and look at it as if you didn’t live there and…. “oh my gosh you’ve got to be kidding! I have piles of junk too!” Your own clutter doesn’t strike you as clutter, but it is. It just creeps-up on you.



Once in a while you have to muck it out! Now’s the time. With Holidays approaching you’ll be adding more stuff; decorations, trees and extra seating. And things that you can part with, may make the Holidays nicer for someone who needs them.








We accumulate things that are “Couldbees”. “It could be nice IF I got it reupholstered. It could be okay if I ever got around to painting it. It could be a good thing if I mended it.” And we feel guilty about tossing-out “Couldbees”. I let someone else decide what’s trash and what just needs a last chance! Gather up all the “Couldbees” and dump them at Good Will. Then your conscience is clear. If even THEY think that the Couldbees are beyond bothering with and they throw it out — you’ll never know. If they think anyone could get use from it .. then that’s what will happen.




Pare down to your best pieces, and this means the things you truly love. Whether it’s furniture, accessories, wall art or whatever; it’s better to have a select number of impressive pieces, than a room cluttered by mediocre Couldbees.






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  1. Posted November 6, 2013 at 5:22 pm by Liz Churchville | Permalink

    This issue strikes such a cord with me- and I can only guess how many others! I definitely have some “couldbees” that I need to just donate once and for all! What a great way to address the clutter in such a pragmatic way (we are, after all, about to bring out boxes of Holiday decor)… and the pictures look amazing- your work is beautiful!

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