New Schumacher line and it is gorgeous!


Schumacher’s new INSANELY fabulous luxury wallcovering line is called “Nest”, and it’s extraordinary!!

Now, brace yourselves folks- this wall paper is completely made of real feathers attached to paper by hand.  And I’m not talking Big Bird my friends.

How amazing (as  long as no birds are injured in the making of this product)!! These photos don’t do them justice. In person, this material is textured, layered  and has beautiful sheen! Pure luxury.  If I could, I’d ware this stuff.  How much does it cost? Good question? I’m working on that,  but I’m thinking it’s up there!

The Bird trend certainly isn’t new to the design world. Look at other ways birds bring timeless beauty to a room.








There are countless ways to include birds in your home, and I am loving all forms of it!


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  1. Posted October 10, 2012 at 10:41 pm by Kara G | Permalink

    Simply Amazing wall paper. I want all of them!!!!! Now i’m scanning my house to see where at least one of them could go???

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